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Date: 16th October 2016
New Products Led Solar Street Lights 50W 8M Solar Light Solar Garden Light
New products led solar street lights 50W ?8M solar light ?solar garden lightSolar energy is green environmental source which is unlimited, clean and pollution-free,and reproducible. Photovoltaic energy, which generates power from solar energy, isconsidered as one of the most important new energy in 21st century.It has incomparable cleanliness, high security, relative universality and adequacy ofenergy, long lifespan, maintenance-free and other advantages which are not owned byconventional energy.The same series products:Specifications:LED ChipsPhilips 3030Chips QTY96 PieceLED MAX POWER50WSINGLE RATED CURRENT0.109AhLED LIMINOUS EFF.>120LM/WLED NORMALPOWER50WLED LIFE SPAN>50000hLED ?DECAY2000h=0,5000h<1%.COLOR REDERINGRa>75COLOR TEMP.2700K-3300K(Warm WHITE?POWER FACTOR>0.95THE TOTAL LIGHT LUMINOUS ?FLUX6000 lmTHE INITIAL LIGHT FLUX>90%FIXTURE MATERIALALUMINIUMPROTECTION CLASSIP65Detail display:Each one has been carefully crafted, only to enhance the use of your feelings.The United States imported Prichard LED high-power lampHigh brightness lampLife more than 50000 hoursThe average decay rate is less than 5%No.3 Super thick aluminum shell ? rain-proof, lightning protection, no rustAircraft quality aluminum shellStrong visual impactStrong and durable,antioxidation,Fan heat is goodNo.5 Maintenance free battery ? Special solar energyDischarge depth up to 80%Design service life of not less than 6 yearsNo.6 Lighting poleQ235 Steelhot galvanized anti-corrosion treatmentsmooth surfacePure polyester plastic powder coating is stable, and with strong adhesion & strong ultraviolet ray resistance.Film thickness is more than 100 um and with strong adhesion. The surface is not peeling even with blade scratch (15 * 6 mm square). Surface is smooth and color and luster are identical.Production progress:Raw material test ? Cutting ?Molding or bending ?Welding (longitudinal )?Dimension verify ?Flange welding ?Hole drilling ?Calibration ?Deburr?Galvanization or powder coating ,painting ?Recalibration ?Thread?PackagesPacking and delivery:Packing: carton packaging lamps commonly used, but the lamp is fragile, easy to deformation, in order to ensure the safety of the lamp to reach buyers hands, far away and fragile, easy to deformation, we often use wooden frame reinforced wooden frame.Delivery: because the lights are heavy, so the freight need according to the quantity and destination specific accounting.We promise existing goods delivery within 48 hours.Customized goods 7~15 days of delivery.