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Date: 16th October 2016
Gel Batteries Deep Cycle Sealed Lead Acid 12v 150ah Colloid Battery
Gel batteries deep cycle sealed lead acid 12v 150ah colloid batteryPhotos:Real shot pictures:Product informationName:nano colloid storage batteryBrand:OuliteItem:LCPC150-12Color:Blue?and?white shellModel:?12V seriesVoltage:12VChemical type:colloidType:Storage batteryState of charge:Maintenance free batteryBattery cover and exhaust plug:Valve controlled sealed batteryOutline dimension:532*207*240mmProduct features:1?The use of nano colloidal materials in Germany,Website:http://www.jssolarstreetlight.com, patent colloidal electrolyte2?Unique pole column sealing structure and low temperature resistance. Anti aging patent lead structure3?The consistency and stability, small resistance4?Safety valve for the improved rubber cap plastic, with a special strong adhesion, high resistance to rot5?Service life of 10 years or so6?Warranty period of 3 yearsDescription?1, Pass the ISO9001, ISO14001 and other high-tech products identified,The national golden sun products and other related professional certification authority.2,The Gel battery is introduced by German ploymer nano ploymer passed the national inspection and officially put on the market.3, Unique to the multi pressure, multi temperature performance, through the CE, SGS and other international export certification.4, Widely used in the field of road lighting, solar street lights, garden lights, lawn lights, wind and light complementary and communication areas, photovoltaic power plants, independent household power generation systems.5, The main performance index of the battery completely meet or exceed JB/T9653-1999 standard service life of 8 years, the warranty period of 3 years.Compared with the common lead acid battery(1?Different lifeGeneral lead-acid batteries are generally: 4~5 yearsGel battery is generally: 12 years?2?Different use environmentGeneral lead-acid battery can not be more than 3 degrees below zeroGel battery can work at minus 30(3?SecurityOrdinary lead-acid battery acid phenomenon, improper management will produce explosionGel battery does not climb acid phenomenon, will not produce explosionConstruction:Production scene:Packing:Certificates: