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Date: 16th October 2016
9M Single Arm Galvanized Round /Conical Street Lighting Pole
9M Single Arm Galvanized Round /Conical Street Lighting PoleJiangsu Street Lighting Pole prices of Steel Pole manufacturer 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m highFEATURESHot galvanized street light postGood looking street lighting polesCustomized powdered painting3m 4m 5m 6m 8m 9m 10m 12mThe same series products:Specifications:BrandJIAN SHENGModelDG-12Processing customizationyesHigh barCan be customizedQuality of lamp panel39Illumination area729m2Main scope of applicationRoads, streets, factories and public placesDetail display:Light post:1, the material selection of Shanghai Baosteel high quality low carbon steel Q235A, the silicon content of the steel is not higher than 0.04%, with a large bending machine bending forming, straightness error is less than 0.05%, the design of pole for wind resistance according to the wind speed 36.9 meters / second grade11,anti earthquake intensity of 8. 2, pole total X meters high, on the aperture is Xmm, under the diameter of Xmm and thickness of Xmm. With the bottom flange, flange mounting hole distance is o X, installed on the basis of the anchor bolt. (X for the user to set the parameters, or by the company in accordance with the conventional configuration) 3,the welding method is automatic submerged arc welding, the welding is reliable, smooth surface, no obvious pores, overip, undercut welding defects such as ultrasonic testing, requirements of welding GBl1345 grade II standard. 4,steel anti-corrosion treatment by internal and external hot galvanized, galvanized, hot dip galvanizing process after pickling, washing, phosphating and passivation of galvanized layer surface is smooth and beautiful, luster, wrinkled skin, sagging and zinc tumor, skin, spots, surface defects of yin and Yang, the thickness of zinc reached more than 86um. In accordance with the national standard GB/T13912-92, the adhesion of galvanized layer to meet the requirements of GB2694-88, anti-corrosion life more than 30 years. 5, Electrostatic spray (color optional) after the hot galvanized, spray before grinding to increase adhesion, strictly control the curing time and temperature of spray process, ensure the plastic layer is uniform, smooth, no porosity. Spray layer thickness of 1Ooum, the adhesion reached GB9286-880 level, the surface is smooth, the hardness is greater than or equal to 2H. Production progress:To quote price for material costing(1)Blanking (2) Bending (3) Welding,(4)Repair and Polish(5) Shaping?6?End?trimming ?7?Loading base plate?8?Welding base plate ?9?Open the door (10)Welding door strip, Electric appliance, Lock bottom(11)Bending fork(12)Galvanized (13) Spray(14)Total inspection(15) delivery The detailed process:1 ,cutting material1.1 Before cut ,adjust the angle of the cutting machine and the required longitudinal scissors.1.2 set the position of the steel plate to ensure the maximum size of the remaining material, so that the remaining material can be used.1.3 wide base size requirements of less than 2mm high pole size tolerance of each section of rod head are: 0-2m General tolerances. Small negative tolerance, -2-0mm adjust the size, by cutting machine, automatic cutting machine.1.4 equipment: the opening material should check the operation of the rolling shear equipment, remove debris on the track, and maintain a good running state of the equipment. 2 ,bendingBending is one of the key working procedure of bending pole production, quality, directly affects the quality of bending pole and unable to repair. Specific attention is as follows:2.1 before bending: first remove the sheet of the cutting slag, to ensure that the bending of the mold without cutting slag pressure.The length, width and 2.2 check sheet straightness, straight degree is less than or equal to 1 / 1000, such as nonstraightness meet the requirements, correction, especially the polygon rod must ensure nonstraightness.2.3 bending bending machine bending depth, to determine the placement of the plate material.2.4 in the sheet on the right line, error: less than 1mm.2.5 correctly on the line, the correct bending, so that the pipe joints to achieve the minimum, while the bottom of the end of the two side is not greater than 5mm. 3 ,weldingwhen welding,do seam weld for the bending tube. Because welding is semi automatic welding, the main responsibility should be more when welding the welder, welding position should be adjusted at any time, to ensure weld straightness. 4 ,repair grindingRepair and grinding is to repair the defect of tube blank after automatic welding. The repair personnel should be examined by the root, found that there are defects in the repair, repair welding is completed, and then repair and grinding, grinding and automatic welding seam is the same as the basic. 5 ,shapingGeneral tolerances circle and polygon diagonal dimension, including the shaping process of pole straightening and blank bar ends: < + 2mm. Blank rod straightness error is less than, less than 1.5 / 1000. 6,End?trimming In order to tube ends bent into Hsiuping, ensure the nozzle and the vertical center line, there is no angle and height is uneven, and repair after the end of.7,Loading base plateThe key is to ensure that the bottom flange and the straight line of the lamp are perpendicular to the center line, the rib plate is vertical to the bottom flange, and at the same time, the straight line of the lamp is straight. 8,Welding base plateWelding requirements with reference to the national standard welding process, to ensure the welding quality welding seam to be beautiful, no pores, slag inclusions. 9,Open the door This procedure in the work process, must be bold but cautious (1) the first to see the drawings to determine the direction of the door, and then according to the positioning and drawing dimensions. Dimensions include: on the left, and the frame size, plasma cutting to ensure a careful, slotted line, and cut the number of doors and post welding burning words.10, Welding door strip, Electric appliance, Lock bottomwhen the door weld width of 20mm, extended 8-10mm position down, especially when a spot door should be close to the pole, welding firmly. Welding electrical bar and a lock seat, mainly in accordance with the drawings set position, the lock seat is welded in the middle of the door, error is less than or equal to + 2mm, keep the above level, can not exceed the pole. 11,Bending forkThe bending process and have the same properties of open fork should be bold but cautious. First of all pay attention to the direction of the door, second attention from the point of the third lamp fork angle, the traction speed can not suddenly and quickly and slowly, and promote the finished product rate of 100%.12, GalvanizedThe quality directly affects the quality of galvanized, galvanized galvanized requirements according to national standards, after plating the surface is smooth, no color, no tears, tears of serious pole must re galvanized.13,SprayThe purpose is to spray is a beautiful, the second is to prevent the corrosion. 13.1 grinding: galvanized rod surface polishing wheels for grinding, ensure the pole surface is smooth, smooth.13.2: Plastic straightening straightening and polished pole. The pole nonstraightness reached 1 / 1000 requirements: small caliber must be rod less than 1mm; the high bar is not more than 2mm.13.3 door panel13.3.1 put all the door galvanized after processing, including zinc, zinc leakage and hanging in the keyhole of zinc deposit. 13.3.2 drilling screw hole drill and the door must be vertical, door to door around the gap, calm down.13.3.3 screw fixation, the door can not be loose, the solid must be firmly in case of loss of transportation on the way.13.3.4 spray powder: pole gate will be installed into the spray room, color spray plastic powder production plan according to the requirement, and then into the oven, drying room temperature and holding time must be in strict accordance with the requirements of plastic powder, in order to ensure the adhesion and smoothness of the quality requirements of plastic powder. 14,Total inspection Factory inspection by the factory inspector, the factory inspector must be in accordance with the pole test items test, the inspector must record and archive for signature before delivery. Packing and delivery:PackingEach product packaging is necessary, although the road lamp can not change color because of rain and sun exposure, but slightly packaging, can let the lamp in the shipping to the site was not stained with dust, which avoids the trouble and effort again wipe the dust with a cloth in the process.The lamp body length, is not good for carton packaging, so most of the packaging are made of waterproof and dustproof plastic paper around the pole up circle. As follows:The chassis will be packed with two - layer waterproof membrane, with waterproof adhesive tape.In addition to the plastic paper packaging, you can also use a wooden box nail packing, in general, this package is for export.If it is LED solar street lights, but also the need for solar panels and batteries for packaging.Delivery